EHI Cleantech Ventures invests in start-ups that reduce GHG emissions and improve resource efficiency. We use our network of industrial and utility partners to rapidly scale innovative clean technologies across global markets.
Investing in transformational clean technologies

Fueling Growth in Cleantech Startups

At EHI Cleantech Ventures, we are more than just a venture capital firm. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of clean technology startups. Our mission is to provide the capital and resources necessary for these innovative companies to scale and make a significant impact on global markets.

EHI Cleantech Ventures

Our approach is unique. We don't just provide capital, we offer a comprehensive growth platform for startups. We understand that the journey of scaling a business requires more than just financial investment. In addition to capital, we help our portfolio companies access new revenue sources and secure additional funding partners.

EHI Cleantech Ventures invests in leading start-ups that reduce GHG emissions and improve resource efficiency. We use our network of industrial and utility partners to rapidly scale innovative clean technologies across global markets.


Driving Global Impact

Our mission is to drive a sustainable future through the advancement of clean technologies. We believe in the power of innovation to address global challenges and are committed to supporting companies at the forefront of the energy transition.

Leveraging a Robust Network

Leveraging our extensive network of industrial and utility partners, we are able to provide our startups with the strategic support they need to grow rapidly and sustainably. Our partnerships span across the energy value chain, enabling us to drive the adoption of innovative clean technologies on a global scale.


Mike Purnell, General Partner EHI Cleantech Ventures

Mike Purnell, General Partner

Mike Purnell is a recognized expert in innovation, digital strategy, and greenhouse gas emissions. With a specialization in grid optimization, smart cities, and carbon capture technologies, he has spent over 20 years spearheading strategic initiatives at GE Energy, focusing on the convergence of energy and technology.

Rodolfo Rueda, General Partner EHI Cleantech Ventures

Rodolfo Rueda, General Partner

Rodolfo Rueda is an experienced mentor for Latinx startups and founders. His expertise lies in renewable energy policy, with a specific focus on solar, wind, hydro, and cogeneration. Rodolfo's approach combines mentor-led curriculums tailored to the Latinx community with essential capital for startups to scale.

Kijana A. Mack, General Partner

Kijana Mack is an expert in renewable energy and industrial technologies. With a track record of advising global corporations on energy and circular economy initiatives, Kijana manages large-scale corporate venture partnerships and commercial pilot projects that enable startups to penetrate new markets and secure recurring revenue.

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Our approach is to be a hands-on partner with visionary founders advancing the energy transition.

Our Areas of Focus

We back leading-edge innovations that are enhancing grid reliability, electrifying transport, transforming urban mobility, and reducing carbon emissions.

Renewable electricity generation technologies

Clean Energy and Climate

Renewable energy generation

Solar, wind, marine, geothermal

Waste-to-energy and biomass

Green hydrogen

Energy efficiency

Energy storage

Smart grid, IoT, sensors, and artificial intelligence

Agricultural technologies

Electric Mobility and Carbon Management

EV charging infrastructure

EV batteries

EV fleet solutions

Autonomous vehicles

Last-mile transportation and drones

Low-carbon vehicles

Carbon capture

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Are you a clean energy or climate technology startup looking to scale your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your vision.

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